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باشنورز مع زد
  • باشنور مع زد

    Establishing & Preparing Store

    Create a Zid store account, upload photos, reserve the domain name and deliver it to the merchant.

  • باشنور مع زد

    Store UI/UX Designing

    Designing the storefront of the store (vitrine) according to sizes and other basic requirements to design a professional interface and user experience.

  • باشنور مع زد

    Search Engine Optimization

    Relying on search engine optimization strategies to appear to your target audience while searching for anything related to the service or product you sell.

  • باشنور مع زد

    Graphic Design

    Implementation of store designs such as social media design, banners, content and other design requirements.

  • باشنور مع زد

    Accounting, customer service and administrative services

    Follow up on purchase orders in the store, communicate with the store's customers, provide customer service and respond to user inquiries.

  • باشنور مع زد

    Digital marketing and creating advertising campaigns

    Launching and planning paid electronic campaigns for the merchant: a paid campaign on Google - a paid campaign on Instagram - a paid campaign on Snapchat and others.

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