Passioneurs Accounts Termination and cancel projects

Passioneurs reserves the right to remove or conceal offers or projects that violate the terms of the site or those that cause harm to the site or its users without returning to the user as follows:

  • User who uses a stolen or non-proprietary payment method.
  • Use of the account by more than one person, whether they are a team or a company, where only one person is allowed to use the account in Passioneurs and work on projects in it.
  • The user (the creator) acts as a mediator in the projects, receives a project as an independent and then employs another person to work outside or within the Passioneurs platform (in this case the broker is prohibited and obliged to pay any amounts due and do any work according to the technical support estimate).
  • The user (Client) tries to defraud the creator by requesting full work in the messages before hiring him.
  • The creator who evades from paying the commission of the platform through the external payment will receive immediate termination.
  • The insistence on communication outside Passioneurs platform without necessity.
  • Failure to follow up the creator or user to work after starting without a substantial reason to waste the time of the project.
  • The creative publishes a work that is not his/her in his/her exhibition.
  • Impersonation of another person on the site.
  • Create a creator for more than one account and use them for whatever reason.
  • Posting fake or spam projects.
  • Use Google Adwords to advertise the creator's work or other content of the site.