Passioneurs Terms of Service

Passioneurs aims to create a secure online platform that includes all the services of design, art and creativity, ensuring the user's rights. Passioneurs helps empower creators to invest on their talents, by finding projects, freelance jobs and deals, and helping entrepreneurs and/or clients to find professional freelancers in all art and design fields.

While we look forward to your cooperation with us to achieve this, please read the terms below and abide by the following terms and understand them well.

Note that by using and registering at the Passioneurs platform you acknowledge your full acceptance of these terms.

The information provided by the user

The user ensures that all the information he/she adds to his/her account at Passioneurs is absolutely correct, and the user assumes full ownership and responsibility for any content that he adds.

Do not create more than one account

The user is obliged not to create more than one account at Passioneurs. If he/she has a problem with his/her first account, he or she must follow up with Passioneurs team to resolve the problem.

Use more than one person to account at the Passioneurs

The User registered at Passioneurs undertakes that he / she is the only one who uses the account and is responsible for all that is done through his / her account. Currently, more than one person is not allowed to use one account at Passioneurs.

User age (18+ years)

A registered user at Passioneurs is required to be over 18 years old, and Passioneurs may require documentation if necessary.

Request documents prior to registration at the Passioneurs

The site may request personal documents such as identity or passport to prove the identity of the user before allowing him to complete the use of the site.

Stop the account and ask for documentation about it

Passioneurs is a creative freelancers site. Passioneurs may terminate the account of any user who is suspected of violating the terms. The site may request personal identification documents for re-activating the account, and documents may be requested to verify ownership of the PayPal account or credit card.

Violating the conditions and prevent an account

The site may prohibit the accounts that violate the terms of the site or those that cause harm to the site or its users permanently and without returning to the user or alerting him.

Username and personal profile

The username must be a name with a meaning and not just symbols or numbers. It is prohibited to use any names that incite hatred, violence or use of any trademark as a user name. At this time, it is not permitted to use company names as a user name. This name is not editable.

Personal image: The user is obliged to put his or her real personal image which is worthy of literature and general respect and not to put a picture of another person in his account, or promotional pictures . The personal profile in the audio file should reflect the user, his skills and his specialization in a short way. Promotional phrases for other projects within the profile.

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