Tamer Hassabelbari A Ali

  • فريلانسر مستقل
آخر نشاط
عضو منذ
Marketing Manager
A marketing Professional with 14 years experience Specialize in Market and communication strategy for consumer brands proven track record in leading business growth through strategic planning and marketing with a successful record creating opportunities for businesses to thrive in their markets. Specialize in commercial marketing for national and international markets. Have used a creative methods to achieve marketing goals in a cost-effective manner. Expert in brand building and rebranding for various industries such as food, cosmetics..etc
Experienced in Innovation & developing with a great history of working in the food industry. Skilled in product management, retail marketing, product design, and consumer research, with a passion for health and wellness.
Strong in organization and communication skills. Ability to create unique and effective marketing strategies Self-motivated, energetic, quick learner, great team leader who can easily adopt in a new social environment.        
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