Omar Aldosary

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Funder and CEO of Pure Lines | Leadership | Management and Planning | Networking | Emergency Care | Dispatching | Trauma Care | Life Support | Search & Rescue Expert - Adventure lifestyle        
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Promotional Video
Hello there, This is Omar from Pure Lines. We have a natural cleaning product it is all purpose use and at the same time it can be use as a hand sanitizer. We want a Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube promoting videos. 15-20 videos for each channel. Each video using the same product for different use. Examples: video 1- Using the product to clean the car interior. video 2- Using the product to clean women jewelries. video 3- Using the product to clean stains on the floor mat at home. video 4- Using the product to clean the restaurant kitchen. The basic elements for us are: 1- Quality of the video. 2- Creativity in ideas and content writing. 3- Delivery at the agreed time. Thank you.