Omar Salloum

عميل   المملكة العربية السعودية

1- Logistics Product Awareness.
2- Freight.
3- Health & Safety & Security Awareness.
4- Clearance Awareness.
5- E-Tools Awareness.
6- Freight Product Procedures & Awareness & Advanced.
7- CRM Awareness.
8- Intranet & Out Look
9- Express Awareness & Procedures.
10- Domestic Awareness.
11- Domestic Product Procedures & Unacceptable for Shipping.

مجال عمل العميل

اللغات التي تجيدها

عربي اللغة الأم


  • Logistic manager organizing and monitoring supply and distribution of goods, managing the entire order cycle, managing logistics, warehouse, transportation, and customer service, liaising with manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers; keeping track of stock levels, quality and quantity of goods; arranging warehouses, catalog goods and processing shipments; complying with ISO regulations and related laws or regulations.


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