Mustafa Mahmoud

  • فريلانسر مستقل
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مشاريع منجزة
Senior Graphic Designer , Video Creator & Editor , Motion Grapher , UX/UI
am Mustafa , Graphic Designer , Motion , Video Creator & Editor , Animator & UX/UI Designer,
More than 10 years of experience in the field of graphics and design .
I can do any project with precision, professionalism and high quality, in the selected deadlines with flexibility in dealing .
I love my profession very much, so I enjoy what I do, and I never find a problem in making the utmost effort to do every project in the best way .
I love to innovate and think outside the box. I care a lot about the opinions of customers and the public about what I do, so I care about the smallest details of every work
Always evolving, so I strive to learn constantly and discover everything new in the field and keep updated with every new Techniques .        
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بلد الإقامة
القاهرة, مصر
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