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شغوف طموح

شغوف طموح

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Mechanical Design Engineer - CAD Draftsman
"I will manipulate your thoughts and combine them into 3D Modeling, which means either by your rough sketch or by your humble explaining. It will be given to you so many concepts that explain your thoughts.

I am a Mechanical Engineer skilled and professional in 2D,3D modeling by Solidworks, 2D by Bentley Microstation, and Autodesk Revit.

-✅ Mechanical Design Emgineer
-✅ Proffesional at SolidWorks
-✅ Skilled at Bentley MicroStation
-✅ Catia for BIW or any model
-✅ Revit for MEP or HVAC
-✅ Simulation material or product using SolidWorks
-✅ Ability to read your mind to get your explanation
-✅ Ability to maintain the quality for the product as well as fewer cos
-✅ I am a man who do the mechanical designing and sell product, I challenge marketers for this
-✅ CAD drafter
-✅ CFD, and FEA analazations

I will give to a product /project so many innovative ideas if it needs some developments. And I will try to give you as many possible solutions as I can, also the product/project will be surrounded by mechanical engineering properties. And the problems in the project/product will be solved and analyzed by the aspects of mechanical engineering.
And also, there will be tests and simulations applied to take an accurate analysis of aspects of mechanical engineering properties.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time."
Research engineering - Design engineering - Drafting        
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