Mohamed Belhadji

تواصل إجتماعي وتسويق الكتروني
  • فريلانسر مستقل
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Social media manager Guru
I find joy in helping businesses grow and strengthen their presence in the virtual world of social media, from creative content creation to strategic posting, I got you covered! My pride and joy are the insight sections of my clients' accounts that exhibit 50+ MILLION Impressions, which turn into profitable conversions.

In addition to social media management, I am also a computer geek! My passion has recently led me to graduate with a Bachelor's in Computer Engineering. What I love most about this industry is that it is fast-paced and ever-changing; there's always something new to learn, and as a curious and dynamic person, I am grateful to be part of this world.

Feel free to reach out if you ever need any advice or guidance, let's connect!        
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بلد الإقامة
تطوان, المغرب
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