Hasan Mahdi

شغوف طموح

شغوف طموح

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Freelancer - ممارس عمل حر
My background educations as Programmer and my over 20+ years of experience with multinational companies and as founder of business brands gained me an exposer experience to handling transformations and increasing revenue initiatives and projects.
• Human Resources Management
• Recruiting Services
• Project Management
• Business Development
• Policies and Procedures
• Establishing New business Lines or brands

Recent Projects in 2022:
• 2022 Dec - Increasing revenue (3 months period, completed): I have been contracting with a non-profit organization to achieve one Million Saudi Riyals as general revenue. During the first 2 months, running projects was over 3.5M Saudi Riyals. This includes establishing facility management, facility pricing and marketing plan.
• 2022 Oct – HR Business Development (in progress): A constructions contracting company in need to establish HR
Management. I have conducted several workshops to identify the vision, mission statements and long-term objectives which has been completed successfully. Later’ I have conducted several discussions with external SMEs to understand the best practice
of designing Constructions Org Charts which finally designed successfully. In time been, I am working to describe the jobs and complete the HR policies.
• 2022 Aug – Project Management Office (3 months, completed): I was contracting with a Governmental Ministry to establish a Project Management Office to handle over 400 tasks across the ministry initiatives and projects. The job was done after too many workshops and finally settled into Ms. Project with management satisfactory.
Other Projects:
• Establishing MRF company: it was a small factory to produce cotton rope in 2004, I designed the business from the scratch of designing 3 lines manufacturing processes up to sales.
• Establishing a new brand shop since 2015 and still running, Beeco Est. a stationery and copy center services with over of one million Saudi Riyals as general yearly revenue.        
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