Bal Rash

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Conceptual and visual artist        
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Arabic content writer to write content for website
I am looking for an Arabic content writer, preferably a female, to write the content of a website i am launching about food, memory, and saudi women. The website will introduce the concept, and will invite people to participate in the project through questionnaires and interviews. The target audience are saudi women, for this reason, i prefer a saudi female content writer to work in this job. If interested in working on this project, please contact me for further details.
I’m looking for a calligrapher or designer to work on a logo
I’m looking for a calligrapher or designer to work on a type based logo for a research based artwork. the title of the work is كل بصل و انسى اللي حصل. the project explores the intersection between food and memory, and works to collect and uncover personal stories of women and their memory around food and the kitchen. the logo will be used in the website, and printed on banners, stickers, and will be used as a stamp. The phrase is going to be used as a logo for a project I’m working on that explores women, food, and memories. The logo will be used on website, digital presentations, banners, labels, stickers, stamps, tote bags. The project aim is to uncover the multilayers of memory through food. Im inspired by recipe notebooks that women wrote recipes and their thoughts. I want the logo to reflect this personal aspect of the project, but also look and feel trustworthy and official. Some keywords I was thinking about: organic, personal, trustworthy, timeless, nostalgic, feminine, remembering, forgetting
Interior designer to conceptualize and design a portable kitchen concept for a public event
I am working on a research driven art project. I want to create an outdoor kitchen for my project. Will discuss more details if interested. Project deliverables - concept development - design and drawings
Saudi lawyer: contracts, employment agreement, NDA, consent forms
I’m working on an art driven research project. I will be hiring freelancers and need a generic NDA + employment agreements drafted. I will also interview women for my research. I will record the conversations in audio or/and videos, and will use these stories in my project. I will need consent and release form in Arabic. I also want to inquire about copyrights laws and how to protect the intellectual property of my project.