Anton Gerges

شغوف طموح

شغوف طموح

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interior designer
تصميم داخلي وثلاثي الابعاد
hello my name is Anton Gerges
I am writing to express my keen interest in the freelance interior design position. With a solid background in interior design and a passion for creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces, I bring [4 years] of experience and a commitment to delivering exceptional results. My portfolio showcases a diverse range of projects, featuring before-and-after transformations, concept sketches, and innovative solutions that highlight my creativity and attention to detail. As a freelance designer, I have successfully managed client interactions, ensuring their vision is translated into reality, and have received positive feedback for my adaptability and commitment to meeting deadlines. Proficient in [list relevant software], I am confident in my ability to bring a fresh perspective and innovative design solutions to your projects. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how my skills align with your needs and contribute to the success of your team.        
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بلد الإقامة
القاهرة, مصر
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