Afnan ghwich

  • فريلانسر مستقل
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مشاريع منجزة
interior designer
As a growing creative , I am enamored by the world around me . There is so much
history, culture and movement in the environments we experience every day, and
I enjoy observing and acknowledging the various qualities that make the world
and humanity so unique. I found interior design profession to be a way in which I
can learn about the various industries and cultures to gain a better perspective
of how to perceive the different aspects of life . The theories and strategies
within interior design intrigue me , I always felt inclined to learn more . I am
now pursuing a Masters in Interior Design. my goal is to work with experienced
designers and architects to create interior environments that cater to the needs
of humanity and benefit society. Interior design is a business of trust, and I
trust my skills and knowledge will align with hardworking, like-minded peopl        
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