Khalid Al Salhabi

شغوف طموح

شغوف طموح

تحصل هذا الفريلانسر على لقب شغوف طموح كونه قد استطاع جمع ( 10 ) نقطة شغف حتى الآن من خلال حسابه في باشنورز.

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Business intelligence Freelancer
would appreciate bringing my collective expert success.
A highly organized and results-focused with over twenty-two years of experience responsible career-driven individual with a proven record in leading teams and achieving results.
Proven record of handling multiple tasks and responsibilities while maintaining focus on the main objective.
Adept at managing change, motivating team members, and delivering awesome output under pressure.
I use these three words (Vision, Direction, Support) and focus to be effective.
If your space is new, I'm educating the right image.
If you’re defending a legacy position, I will support your specific situation.
Honest about past mistakes made and what you learned. Listening to others' feedback on what is and isn't a responsibility.
Led the industrial powerhouse and logistics hub, by maximizing the value of its unlocking the full potential of the Industrial Revolution.
Strong experience in labor and commercial legal disputes and all banking procedures.
Determining the right image that supports projects for business classification grades to compete strongly in projects and all sectors.
Ability to delegate, inspire, and communicate effectively.        
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بلد الإقامة
الرياض, المملكة العربية السعودية
مهارات العمل
تطوير العلامة التجارية النموذج الأولي لواجهة / تجربة المستخدم استراتيجية تجربة المستخدم استراتيجية التسويق بالمحتوى خطة إدارة المحتوى تطوير الأعمال
عربي إنجليزي فرنسي